Wooden sculpture from 2018 measuring 4 metre (13 ft) high, weighing 1 ton. Crafted from CNC-cut plywood boards and placed on the harbour in Elsinore, Denmark.

Barrier Drawings

A series of ink on paper drawings from 2017 measuring 212 x 151 cm. A surface caught by sonar, lines slice through space and bounces of the figures inhabiting this echolocated dimension.


Concrete sculpture from 2017 measuring 2,5 meter, weighing 29ton. A sculpture made by digging two holes in the ground, the right and left side of a head. The holes were then filled with concrete, and ...

Omicron Drawings

A series of 100 pencil on paper drawings from 2015 measuring 30 x 24 cm. It took me about a year to finish the 100 “Omicron” drawings. They were made when I had just become ...

Carl Krull -Olmec 2 - 2014 - pencil on paper - drawing

Olmec Drawings

A series of pencil on paper drawings from 2014 measuring 172 x 118 cm.

Scroll Drawings

A series of pencil on paper drawings made during a road trip across the United States in 2013. The Scroll Drawings consist of one large drawing measuring 152 x 338 cm made on various location ...

Graphite Drawings

A series of pencil on paper drawings from 2012 measuring 100 x 141 cm.

Four Large Drawings

Four drawings exhibited in 2011 at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum during the exhibition “Snapshots from Slumberland – 3 x Krull”. Two of the drawings measure 240 x 400 cm, they were done in my studio in ...

Nine Pencil Drawings

A series of pencil on paper drawings, made on three continents. The first three drawings were made in India in 2009. The next three in Colombia and the final three were drawn in my studio ...

Lead Drawings

A series of pencil on paper drawings made in Paris in 2008. All the drawings measure 115 x 150 cm.

Plate Drawings

A series of drawings/paintings from 2007 made on wooden plates.

Floor Drawings

A series of drawings/paintings from 2006 made on sheets of paper, which due to their size made the work take place on the floor. Common to all the drawings in the “Floor” series, are the ...

Seismic Wave

Seismic Wave is a 100 meter long mural from 2015. It is painted in the middle of the lake Sortedamsøen in Copenhagen, on the wall that encircles the Metro construction.

Seismic Mural

A mural made in 2014 on the Metro fence in Copenhagen, Denmark.


A collection of photographic experiments from 2007 to 2013.

loloopop installation


An audio/visual installation by Simon Steen-Andersen & Carl Krull from 2006. It consists of 2 visual loops and 3 audio loops of different durations. Each loop is a series of linear transitions between more or ...

Head #1

An installation from 2008 consisting of 7 televisions.